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Photo Gear

Reverse side of the Mossy Oak  Soft-shell by Shooterking

Keith is the wildlife feature writer for the award winning Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine which is published monthly.

Keith also writes a monthly Nature Notes column for the Galloway News.

He is often asked about equipment, basically he uses a Nikon DSLR with various Nikon and Sigma EX lenses,ranging from 17mm to 500mm. They are only tools for doing a job and it's more about the person behind the camera and their eye for detail that counts.
He also uses a small Canon G10 compact. There is a well known saying " No Camera No Picture"

Keith is often asked about clothing, because when you are spending long periods out in the countryside in all weathers, then only the best will do. Keith has been testing the latest clothing from Shooterking. Link text here...

See Links page for camouflage waterproof camera covers.

Many wildlife photographers travel the UK or the World for their images but All Keith's images on this web site were taken in Dumfries and Galloway.
Mossy Oak  Soft-shell by Shooterking

Shooterking Greenland Suit